Monday, January 29, 2007

Cycling Shots B-List

Seems like everybody's sharin' the love with hand lists of cycling blogs nowadays. I figured I'd jump in and give you my daily dose of cycling blogs:
  • Moveitfred: he's not updated it in a couple o' weeks, but this may very well be the best source for cycling humor and some NSFW content
  • Frank Steele (flickr link): at the TDG Blog and the TDF blog - if there's news about the Tours de Georgia or France, then Fritz has got the goods
  • Cycle-licious: the name implies the true quality of this truly cyclelicious blog
  • Spare Cycles: less frequently updated than cyclelicious but more than than and good quality posts and photos along the way
  • Trust But Verify: if you want to know what's going on in the Landis chronicles, this is the first place to check
  • Bicycle Design: interesting and sometimes very refreshingly random - also check out James' Lenses on Squidoo for design, commuting and racing
  • busternut: we have these crazy Alleycat races here in Knoxville and busternut is in the know and relays all the coordinating info - I promise I'll go to the next on and show off some photos
There's several more that I click on a less than daily basis; but these are the ones that I must check on or truly love. You can check out the others in the side bar.

Oh, and just to qualify this as a true Cycling Shots post, here's a shot from Frank Steele's flickr collection:

JJ Haedo (now of CSC) after takin' the sprint
Click to go to the Frank Steele 2006 TDG Stage 6 Photo Set

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cycling Cellblock

I found this cool new thing called Cellblock. I'm having fun with it as you can see. There's a schpill of it over at Photography Bay. In the mean time enjoy and if you've got any cycling shots of your own that you'd like to add to the Cycling Shots Cellblock, send them to

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I dare you to wear this!

To read more about "why you would ever do this" visit Treadly and Me.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here's to You, Eki

Viatcheslav Ekimov has been one of the fan favorites over the past couple of decades. I can hardly believe that this guy raced at the top level as a pro for 17 years, including 15, count'em FIFTEEN, appearances in the Tour de France. Holy cow folks! That's some bike riding. Here's to you, Eki! Thanks for all the great rides and making mullets cool for bike riders! The Tour de Georgia just won't be the same without you this year.

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