Monday, January 29, 2007

Cycling Shots B-List

Seems like everybody's sharin' the love with hand lists of cycling blogs nowadays. I figured I'd jump in and give you my daily dose of cycling blogs:
  • Moveitfred: he's not updated it in a couple o' weeks, but this may very well be the best source for cycling humor and some NSFW content
  • Frank Steele (flickr link): at the TDG Blog and the TDF blog - if there's news about the Tours de Georgia or France, then Fritz has got the goods
  • Cycle-licious: the name implies the true quality of this truly cyclelicious blog
  • Spare Cycles: less frequently updated than cyclelicious but more than than and good quality posts and photos along the way
  • Trust But Verify: if you want to know what's going on in the Landis chronicles, this is the first place to check
  • Bicycle Design: interesting and sometimes very refreshingly random - also check out James' Lenses on Squidoo for design, commuting and racing
  • busternut: we have these crazy Alleycat races here in Knoxville and busternut is in the know and relays all the coordinating info - I promise I'll go to the next on and show off some photos
There's several more that I click on a less than daily basis; but these are the ones that I must check on or truly love. You can check out the others in the side bar.

Oh, and just to qualify this as a true Cycling Shots post, here's a shot from Frank Steele's flickr collection:

JJ Haedo (now of CSC) after takin' the sprint
Click to go to the Frank Steele 2006 TDG Stage 6 Photo Set

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