Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BMC Working Hard

BMC working hard, originally uploaded by Big Daddy Rosa.

Awesome shot! There are so many things right with this shot. Everyone that's going down to the Tour de Georgia take note:

Focus? Spot on.

Composition? Just look at how the shot is framed by the road and the trees on each side and above.

Saturation? Check out those rich colors.

Contrast? The subjects (riders) just pop right out of the photo.

Depth of field? Just right. The riders up front really grab your attention. The riders in the back are so in focus to distract from the leaders, but aren't so out of focus that it breaks up the peloton. You can still tell what it is.

Lighting? The lead riders are well lit instead of hidden in shadows.

Great job!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice picture. By the way, I tried the link to Moveitfred and it has changed. He has a new blog with 2 other birds called 3 bicoastal boys. The link is at his old blog.

3/29/2007 12:18 PM  

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