Friday, August 18, 2006

Colbert Explains Floyd-osterone

Fritz over at Cycle-licious was kind enough to point out Colbert's explanation for Floyd-osterone. Precisely how I feel:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bicycles and Disneyworld


What do bicycles and Disneyworld have in common?


Not much at all. However, the question affords me the opportunity to post several cycling shots taken on a recent trip (a road trip, that is) to Disneyworld.

On the road to Disneyworld from Tennessee we saw a variety of bikes. The wife was the photographer on the road while I was at the helm of the auto for a 10 hour tour (each way):

A little unsecure on the ole bike rack . . . Perhaps due to the wicked bigwheeler attached?

Although this has no relation to bikes or Disneyworld, I'd be interested to hear input on what form of proof is necessary to validate a "trucker's discount." I'm not even going to comment on the fact that showers are available in this establishment.

Mickey's Bike.

Disney Bike Roadtrip.

Couldn't talk the wife into a ride on these machines due to the sweltering heat . . . actually, I didn't really feel like making by butt sweat on the vinyl seats either.

The rest of the rental department.

Not too many takers on these toasty days.

The mouseketeer.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bike Thieves Have It Made!

Stealing a bike in NYC is gravy!

Will Lance Outdo Floyd in '07?

Photo ©: Chris Henry/

Is Lance looking to France for next year? You gotta read the latest from the greatest.