Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Don't Take a Picture of That!"

That's what he said when he got up and started down the hill again. He must've heard the repeated clicking of my shutter as he was crashing. Sorry man, but it made for a great shot. Too bad it was the Pro Men's XC Race, eh?

I took a little spin in the dirt myself over at Panther Creek on Sunday and managed not to do this. I took a friend of mine that had been wanting to give mountain biking a try. He didn't spill either. Of course we got off our bikes and walked a time or two, he almost threw up from climbing, and I drank all 100 oz. of water in my Camelbak. A load of fun though.

Let me give some big kudos to the Canon BG-E3 battery grip for the Rebel XT. I took roughly 900 shots throughout the day and still had charge left in it! I have no idea how long it'll last. But if you've got a Rebel XT you should consider getting one. It also makes the vertical shots sooo much easier!


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