Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Gallery and Store - HERE!

Ok, I've made some improvements to the site. You can now visit my gallery, which is hosted by Smugmug, by clicking here or in the sidebar to your right. Feel free to link to, download, or use my shots for your personal enjoyment to your heart's content - read the fine print on the gallery intro page about other uses. Only one gallery up now ('06 TDG), but, as you know, there's more coming soon (like the Showdown at Sugar this weekend). Expect some Showdown shots on the blog this Sunday, with the rest coming later next week to the galleries. See a shot in the gallery you want to talk about? Email me, post a comment, etc. and we'll get it up for discussion!

Also, there's a Cycling Shots store in the sidebar's links. Buy some shirts and stickers - take a shot of you sporting the gear and email it to me (guaranteed way to make it on the site)!

Happy Shooting!



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