Monday, June 12, 2006

Creek Jumpin'

NORBA Showdown at Sugar - Sat., June 10, 2006

A shot during the Expert Downhill Final. These guys were launching off the rocks you see in the bottom right of the shot here, clearing a 4' wide creek and landing on the other side, which is about 4' lower. And, they made it look easy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get ahold of a roster to match the rider numbers and names. If you know any of these guys - or if you are any of these guys - let me know via comment or email and we'll give you some cred.

About the shot: I actually used the kit lens (18-55mm EF-S) for this shot. Even though it's a relatively cheap lens, I've always been more than pleased with the performance. I got down in the creek and shot up while panning these guys as they were flying over me. This one was all the way wide at 18mm with 2nd curtain sync. on my 420EX flash. The 2nd curtain sync. gives you a more natural look to fast moving objects in dark areas - such as under the foliage above. To learn more about it, check out Canon Flash Work - a great "intro to flash" site.

I've got a lot more shots coming. Post-processing is a bit of a bear though - I shot about 900 shots in RAW format. Lightroom is cookin' on the import process as I type - just wanted to give you another taste of what is to come. Once post-processing is complete (later this week), I'll put everything up in the Cycling Shots Gallery. 'Til then, I'll try to keep trickling a few out here and there. Enjoy.


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