Monday, May 15, 2006


I love this guy! I hope when I'm 40 I can haul it up a mountain half as fast as Eki (hell, I wish I could now at 27). This guy's history is quite a story. The most reported story on Eki at this year's TDG, however, has to be his mullet:

See also Moveitfred's props to Eki's mullet.

About the shot: This is a shot from the inside of the switchback rather than most of my ITT shots from the outside. The riders were a little closer on the inside because of the line they were taking - something to watch a little closer at my next race. It worked for me here, but I had to be quick on framing and shooting on my 70-200 zoom. I had a lot more time to arrange the shots from the outside.

A little off-topic, Discovery now has 3 guys in the GC top 10 at the Giro: Salvodelli, Tommy D. and Rubiera.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eki is such a pimp!

5/25/2006 5:52 PM  
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That is great chalk artwork!

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A nice shot. I thought there would be more.

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