Monday, May 22, 2006

Brasstown Bad Boys

This year was every bit as exciting as last year's Brasstown stage. I should also note that, while a little chilly early in the day, it was not near as cold for my 10 hours spent on the mountain this year compared to last year, which was the coldest I've ever been. This is the last switchback without cattle gates - about 250m or so to go here; one more switchback and they're at the finish line. In fact, I'm shooting from behind the cattle gates that start after the switchback.

Floyd blew everyone's expectations away on this stage. However, I think Tommy D. may have blown it by wasting too much time trying to put Landis in checkmate instead of going all-out from the base of the climb. I didn't get to see how the climb really unfolded until a week later, but after seeing Danielson piddle around while waiting for Landis or Popo to do something, I think TD was in error by not trying to drive Landis in the ground when Popo was dropped the first time. I just don't know what he was thinking.... Regardless Tom's tactical errors, it was still a very exciting stage.

Oh, and for this shot I wiggled through the cattle gates at the bottom (barely) so I could lean into the road and grab this one.


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